Where do I begin?

We know how overwhelming everything seems right now. That feeling will come and go, and some days you will see giant leaps, and other days, setbacks. But it’s okay, and you will find your place in all of this.

Autism By Age checklists
These checklists are a guide for the issues you need to address, and contacts you should make, not only for services, but for support as well.

Find a local support group here
We encourage families to join a local support group or network, as we feel the best information you will ever get is from other parents.  In addition, there are several Facebook support groups for parents of children with Autism that provide responsive, caring, and supportive feedback.  For example, the Baltimore AUTISM Parents is a closed group and its members are actively sharing and offering feedback.  Similar groups exist in other counties, e.g., Frederick and Carroll.

Articles and Books
We have an article that describes the autism experience using everyday examples. This might be helpful to share with family members, friends, or anyone who works with your child. There are books written by professionals, parents, and self-advocates that offer tremendous insight into Autism, including “Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew” by Ellen Notbohms.

We also have additional articles on our website for newly diagnosed families. Our Parent Tip articles are helpful not only for parents, but other caregivers, family members, teachers, advocates, and individuals with Autism. Our “Parent Tips: “You Have Autism.” will help guide you when you are ready to share this diagnosis with your child.

Autism Speaks offers their 100 Day Kit created specifically for newly diagnosed families. You can download it free of charge.

There are many therapies that are available. Typically, therapies are designed to address difficulties in communication, social skills, and sensory issues. In addition, therapies attempt to mitigate aggressive, self-injurious, or repetitive behaviors such as rocking and hand flapping. For a description of the different types of therapies, please visit comprehensive therapies page.

You have TIME, so please do not feel that you need to read everything right away. This is a journey, so just focus on your priorities that are relevant now, as those will change over time.

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