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Sign up for the Autism Waiver registry

What is the Autism Waiver?

The Autism Waiver, through Medical Assistance, allows eligible children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to receive specific services to support them in their homes and communities. A child may remain in the Waiver until the end of the school year in which he turns 21 as long as the child meets ALL eligibility requirements annually. Waiver participants are eligible for a variety of services, such as respite care, environmental modifications to their home, and family training. The Autism Waiver is currently full and the wait is approximately eight years. To be eligible your child cannot have more than $2,000 in resources and assets. A review of the child's assets looks back five years. Be sure to alert other family members not to give large gifts of money or stocks to your child directly or in their wills.

Autism Waiver Fact Sheet

Who can apply?

Parents or legal guardians of children with an autism spectrum diagnosis. The waiver only applies to families residing in Maryland.

How do I apply?

To be placed on the Autism Waiver Registry, contact 1-866-417-3480. For more information on the Autism Waiver, please call the Maryland State Department of Education at 410-767-1446 or the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene at 410-767-5220.

What services are available through the Autism Waiver?

  • Therapeutic integration services
  • Residential habilitation
  • Respite care
  • Environmental accessibility adaptations
  • Family training
  • Service coordination
  • Intensive Individual Support Services
  • Adult life planning (only for ages 18-21)

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