Host an Event

Host a Grassroots Event or Campaign to benefit Pathfinders for Autism

If you would like to host an event or campaign to raise funds for Pathfinders for Autism, we ask that you contact Jenn Hobbs, 443-330-5370 or to discuss your ideas and get your event or campaign approved.

Individual and community events and campaigns are organized by people like you in support of Pathfinders for Autism, and make a HUGE difference!

Our supporters have organized concerts, golf tournaments, basket bingos, swim-a-thons, bake sales and percent-of-sale days. Individuals and teams have conducted online campaigns and personal challenges (such as biking & running) to raise awareness and funds to support our programs.

Approved events and campaigns will need to be registered with us. As a registered event or campaign, Pathfinders for Autism may assist your efforts through promotion on our website, e-newsletters, calendar, and social media. Additionally, Pathfinders for Autism can provide autism information and resources for distribution at the event, and when possible, send a representative to attend.

To help with your fundraising efforts, we can set up an online donation tool for your use on the Pathfinders for Autism website. Or, you may also choose to use a third-party online service. Pathfinders for Autism suggests, which offers online tools to promote and support your efforts.

It is encouraged that you submit forms well in advance of the event or campaign launch date to ensure adequate promotion lead time. Submissions submitted less than 60 days in advance may not fit into Pathfinders for Autism’s promotion and outreach efforts. 

Download a registration form.

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