Information Sessions: Learn About Autism Treatment Insurance Laws in Maryland

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The session will discuss autism treatment services (including ABA) covered by Maryland’s Habilitative Services Mandate.    
October 13, 2015
St. Elizabeth School
801 Argonne Drive 
Baltimore, MD 21218
 Annapolis Capitol Building

Topics covered to include: 
•   Maryland’s Habilitative Services Mandate (autism treatment mandate)
•   Understanding insurance regulation
•   Importance of diagnosis and medical necessity
•   Getting approval for services
•   Considerations for Open Enrollment
•   Questions to ask your provider

Please note that session will cover only the benefits covered under Maryland regulated plans, such as plans purchased on the MD Health Exchange, some employer provided health plans and MD State Employee Health Plans.  The Maryland mandate  DOES NOT apply to Medicaid, Federal Employee Health Plans and some employer 
provided health plans.

This workshop is free of charge, but registration is required as space is limited.

To register:
Call St. Elizabeth School at 410.889-5054 ext. 1112 or 1152 or
Register Online

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Learn more about insurance in Maryland

Download the webinar "Overview of the Autism Treatment Insurance in MD"
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Listen to an "Overview of the Autism Treatment Insurance in MD"

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