Safety Kits

This Safety Kit was designed to offer families and caregivers tools to implement safety measures for their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Parent Tips: When They Wander or Run Away

Parent Tips: Make Swimming Fun and Safe

Parent Tips: How to Interact with Police

Parent Tips: What to Prepare for Fire and EMS

Parent Tips: Let's Talk About This Horrible Event on the News

AWAARE First Responders Form
Autism Elopement Alert Form - Person-Specific Information for First Responders
*First responders recommend you have 3-4 copies of this form, completed, and hanging on the refrigerator as that is the first place EMS will look

Community/Neighbor Alert Form

Tools for Caregivers of Those Who Wander and Elope

Safety Decals for Car or House Window  

safety decal

These window clings will be distributed by Pathfinders for Autism at various resource fairs throughout the State. They will also be available at all of our workshops and conferences. You can also call 443-330-5341 to request clings. 

Download the accompanying form to keep in your glovebox that will give first responders additional information about your family member with Autism. *First Responders recommend that you print this on bright colored paper so it stands out.

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